What to expect from the BodyWork Sessions

  • Sessions range from 1.5 to 2 hours. 

  • Initial session includes a thorough static and dynamic examination. 

  • The dynamic exam is either done in hand, on the lunge line, or under saddle, depending on the circumstances. 

  • A light hack is recommended the same day,  following the body work.

  • Light work is recommended the day following a session. Allowing the horse to get used to a new way of moving and work out any potential stiffness that may result. Horses on a maintenance program can generally resume regular work the following day.

What's the difference between regular massage and body work?

A typical massage soften and relax the muscle tissue.  Bodywork not only releases muscle tension, but focuses on stretching and mobilizing joints and spine to increase range of motion.  Vicke's bodywork uses a variety of modalities and incorporates advanced soft tissue techniques, MFR, and trigger point therapy to remodel and lengthen connective tissue, mobilize joints and spine, stretch and reactivate muscles, break up adhesions, and remove restrictions.  A regular relaxation massage can be given to a horse every day, whereas a horse typically needs 7 days in between bodywork sessions for the healing process to take place, and the tissue to fully recover.  


Working on Moro Torcaz at endurance hold

WEG 2018

Reassessing spinal mobility, stretching back muscles and activating core muscles towards the end of a session.

How often should the horse receive body work?

Each horse is different and Vicke works together with owners and trainers to establish a program suitable for each individual horse. Horses in training who travel and compete generally will require sessions closer together than the average pleasure horse. However, many horses benefit from having a couple of sessions spaced about 7-14 days apart initially, to soften the muscles, and resolve any problems that may be present. Following that, sessions can be spread further apart, to suit the workload and stress that the horse is exposed to


Services Offered

Body Work ​​

  • Session rates vary depending on location. 

Pre/Post Event Massage 

  • *Pre-event warm up and activation massage                                       

  • *Post-event massage and stretch                                    

Kinesiology Taping

  • Taping to reduce edema and stocking up

  • Taping for postural awareness

  • Taping for support

  • Taping to aid healing of suspensory and tendon injuries

  • Taping to reduce pain  

Other Services

  • Rehabilitating rides and in-hand work available. Rates determined on a case by case basis.


  • Multi Horse Discount for scheduling several horses for the same farm    visit may be available

*Only offered at showgrounds.                   

Pre-Event Massage 

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