A few words from clients...

Vicke is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and her work will speak for itself! Do your horse a favor and have her out to see them!

~Carley Broome, Clermont, FL

Vicke is incredible! Not only does she provide the best service but she also provides a detailed summary/explanation of the horse. In addition, she gives you exercises and stretches to help improve your horse's areas of weakness. I've seen a huge improvement to my horse thanks to Vicke!  I highly, highly recommend her services!

~Abigail New, Orlando, FL

Vicke has given my horse (Bolanta) two very thorough treatments and we are really feeling a difference... Bo is a very tightly muscled horse and we were really struggling with our left half pass. After our last session my instructor & I were both thrilled with the progress...

Thank you Vicke!

~Michelle Simpson, Chuluota, FL

Vicke - I can't thank you enough for the work you did on my horse Moro at WEG. It was interesting after even the first session in the trot there was a definite freedom of movement. To say Moro enjoyed his sessions was an understatement... his facial expressions were enough to convince us! The big benefit was the massage before first vetting where he is a nightmare and gets incredibly stressy. For once he actually managed to keep a few feet on the ground. 

I hope we get a chance to meet again... I envy all those people who can benefit their horses from your professional knowledge and expertise. 

~ Avril Bray, Team Ireland Endurance, WEG 2018

Vicke has been working on my horse, Malone, for a year now. Her skills, talent, attentiveness, professionalism and dedication to truly wanting to help are impressive. My little horse's job this past year (prepping for the World Games 160 km endurance ride) has pushed his body. Vicke, with her dedicated skill set & great feel has ensured that Malone is at his best. 

He actually has improved all around thanks to regular treatments from Vicke. Vicke attended the WEG as Team Ireland's physio. I witnessed how helpful her work was to my team mates horses. Vicke also was amazing in helping with everything, from basic barn chores to setting up crew areas.

~ Hilda Donahue, Team Ireland Endurance, WEG 2018

Equine Performance Solutions supported the 5 Irish Endurance team horses tirelessly with expertise through the World Equestrian Games 2018 in Tryon, North Carolina. The quality of care and dedication was marvelous to behold. The horses responded in kind and really enjoyed their daily body work and reaped the benefits out on course. We are very grateful Vicke!! I highly recommend Equine Performance Solutions. Do your equine partners a favor and call Vicke. 

~ Jane Moss, Team Ireland Endurance, WEG 2018

Equine Performance Solutions/Vicke McCall works on our therapy horses at Freedom Ride Therapeutic Riding. Our horses carry riders with disabilities and our riders require balance and strength lessons. As a result the horses mentally and physically have unique challenges. Each Equine Performance session is tailored to the horses specific needs - the session reports, the exercise suggestions, and the follow up are precise and professional. We are grateful for Vickie's passion and her dedication to equine body work. 

~ Karen Boebinger, Orlando, FL

I asked Vicke to come out to wrap my horse's hind leg with kinesiology tape during his battle with cellulites that caused severe swelling from his hoof to his sheath. He had top veterinarian care, but his swelling was not completely responding to treatment. He still had "cankles" and was limping and painful at the walk. With his best chance for recovery being movement, it was difficult to ask him to work. With my veterinarians cooperation and blessing, we tried the tape and I truly believe this was the missing piece he needed to recover. THE NEXT DAY after we applied the tape, I was RIDING HIM. He was light, even, trotting freely and happy. The tape was still holding on after a week even though his skin and hair was in very poor condition from the sloughing associated with the swelling. I took the rest off to treat his skin otherwise it would have stayed on longer. I was so happy to give my horse relief after starting the week with a high fever, not eating, and in too much pain to walk to the wash rack. If your horse is battling swelling or stocking up, try Vicke and her kinesiology tape! It is the support my horse needed to supplement his veterinary care! 

~ Maria Fegan, Sanford, FL

Carley and Manhattan


Abigail and Daiquri 


Avril Bray, and Moro Torcaz

WEG 2018

Hilda and her reserve horse Mirage SR

WEG 2018 


Jane Moss and Streak Afire TTF

WEG 2018

Maria's collage of Johnny's legs

Vicke has worked on my 13 yo TB twice now. The changes in his movement and comfort level under saddle after each session are very apparent. His workload is light but we are doing a lot of topline work and the sessions with Vicke have gone a long way to keep him as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend her services! Thank you Vicke

~ Liz Koxlowski, Windermere, FL

"My horse gets massages with Vicke. She's wonderful. Very knowledgeable, accommodating with schedules, reasonably priced, and most importantly my horse feels so much better. I can truly see a difference in how well he moves. Highly recommended!"

~ Alle Shane, Orlando, FL

"My mare had a long career in show jumping prior to me, spending most years competing in 1.20m to 1.40m, and we have most recently been competing in 1.10m to 1.15m. She is a hotter mare and does not always use her body correctly.  Because of this, she had become very stiff in her movements and her muscles were incredibly tight. After only a few sessions with Vicke I noticed a huge difference in the way Lady moved and the texture of her muscles.  Now a part of her routine care program she continues to improve under Vicke's care and is happier than ever. I highly recommend Vicke at Equine Performance Solutions. She is very thorough and cares about your horse and the results achieved."

~ Jennifer Osgood, Orlando FL

"My horse has only had two sessions with Vicke, but I already see and feel a huge difference. She is moving so much better and feels great when riding. I really appreciate how thorough and detailed the session reports are as well. It helps me pinpoint areas of weakness and what I need to work on with my mare. These sessions with Vicke will definitely be a permanent part of my horse's wellness routine."

~ Jessica Dalziel, Winter Park, FL


"Vicki worked on our senior horse who was having back trouble and really helped him feel better. Not only was he able to move easier and more freely, he absolutely loved when she worked on him. I highly recommend Equine Performance Solutions for any horse!"

~Nora Farrell, Winter Garden, FL

"My mare was very butt sore when Vicke started to work on her. It wasn't anything medical since I had it checked out already by my vet. Well after just 3 sessions she is now sore free! Amazing. I truly believe in her body works. Vicke gets so involved in her work that time is no matter. She goes deep and gets all the knots out! It goes far and beyond too."

~ Sophie Sacagiu, Winter Garden, FL

"Vicke came to work on a young warmblood gelding that had a long trip to Florida from Belgium. He felt a little stiff to the right and we had some trouble collecting. After just one session, I can honestly say I feel a difference. Vicke also discovered some areas of tightness in the neck area of the horse and gave me some great pointers on how to stretch his neck during my warm up time. I look forward to her coming back out to get a little deeper into his sensitive areas as well as monthly maintenance. Having a horse that feels his/her best makes all the difference in their performance. The value of the service is top notch and I would recommend her to anyone."

~Jayme Taylor, Windermere, FL


"My horse and I are so incredibly blessed to have been referred to Vicke. She is professional, knowledgeable, patient, positive, and absolutely delightful! I saw such a difference in my horses's comfort level, even after the first session. Vicke always takes her time with my boy, and I feel confident and reassured that he is truly in the hands of a healer."

~ Ashley Hall, Maitland, FL 

"Vicke is the absolute best! She is professional, thorough and my horse LOVES his sessions. She has helped more than just his body - she has quieted his mind as well. He is moving wonderfully once more and has been able to go back to work after a 5 month hiatus. She was the final stepping stone in his recovery from a traumatizing situation - and as much as she helped his body, she helped bring back his goofy, mellow personality. He is so comfortable again and we can't thank her enough!"

~ Jennifer Cottom, Orlando, FL

"I have a 13 year old Friesian cross that I ride Dressage. My goal has always been to keep him as comfortable as I can so he will stay sound and happy in his work. Vicke has been an awesome addition to achieve this goal. I noticed a difference after the first treatment. Everything just felt a lot easier for him. I was so impressed that I had her work on my 20 year old mare to see if she could make a difference in her comfort level. She loves her treatments and she is obviously more comfortable! Her back is not as sore and she is moving around much easier. Vicke has a wonderful way with the horses and she obviously cares about what she's doing. I'm looking forward to having her come regularly to keep everyone at their best!" 

~Alison Foster Ferrell, Howie-in-the-Hills, FL

"I highly recommend!! Ms. Vicke worked miracles on my horse's


~Cristina Santini, Winter Garden, FL

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Alle and Roana
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Jenn and Lady showing in the High Adults
Jess and Tiki 
Hannah and Lando
Sophie and Zang Zai
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Jayme and Napoli de Reve
Ashley and Channing
Jenn and Hero
Alison and Finn at US Dressage Finals
Cris and Gigio