Equine Body Work

Equine body work is a type of sports massage that incorporates advanced soft tissue remodeling techniques; joint and spinal mobilization; as well as trigger point therapy. These techniques help realign the fibers of the muscle, lengthen the connective tissue, and break up scar tissue, adhesions, and myofascial restrictions that limit the natural movement of the muscle. ​Combined with stretching, activation and range of motion exercises, these techniques help improve the horse's ability to perform, creating a more happy and willing athlete. 

What are the benefits of body work?

  • ​An increase in oxygenated blood and lymph flow helps relieve localized spasms, reduce lactic acid and other waste products in the muscle, resulting in reduced pain

  • Remodeling and lengthening of connective tissue

  • Improving joint mobility

  • Softening of adhesions and fibrosis in muscles, tendons, and fascia

  • Breaking up and softening of scar tissue, adhesions, and myofascial restrictions, bringing back the natural movement of the muscle

  • Increasing range of motion and flexibility 

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Results from Vicke's Body Work

The videos below are of a 21 year old tb/hanoverian cross with quite a long list of injuries and illnesses in his medical past. He had a lot of discomfort and was very reactive throughout his thoracolumbar and gluteus area. The video to the left was taken during Vicke's static evaluation before his initial bodywork session. The video to the right was taken a week following his first session before his second session.

Other results...

Every horse is different in how they respond to the bodywork. Most clients feel a positive change in their horse's performance within a week of their first session, although they may require multiple sessions before their problems are resolved. The results vary depending on the cause of the problem, and if the results are not within Vicke's satisfaction and expectation, she will look for the cause and consult with other professionals involved with the horse, ie farrier, veterinarian, saddle fitter, trainer etc. Vicke does not work on horses with lameness problems unless the horse has been diagnosed by a veterinarian who has given an ok for the horse to receive bodywork.  However, Vicke has been presented with horses with undiagnosable/subclinical lameness "ride them til they break" kind of cases, that have presented sound after 4-6 sessions of her bodywork. In addition to that, Vicke's clients have noticed improvements in the following areas among others.   

  • Reduced back, lumbar, and gluteal (top of butt), hamstring, quad, and general topline pain and tightness. 

  • Reduced neck tightness and pain making the horse easier to bend, flex, round, stretch and collect

  • Improved bascule over jumps

  • Improved front legs over jump / reduced hanging of one front leg over jumps

  • Improved evenness of right and left lead canter

  • Improved evenness of walk and trot

  • Improved ability to collect

  • Improved ability to extend front legs

  • Increased stride length and ground covering of stride

  • Improved straightness

  • Improved muscle texture 

  • Improved flexibility and elasticity 

  • Increased swing in hips and back

  • Decreased sensory problems from touch, tack, blankets, and water

  • Improved willingness and attitude towards work

  • Improved shoulder freedom


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